pd1Your ‘PD’ is your pupillary distance, which is the horizontal distance in millimetres between the centre of one pupil (the black dot in the middle of the eye) and the centre of the other pupil. Knowing this distance helps in positioning your lenses correctly in the frame, so that we can align the centre of the lens exactly on the centre of your pupil ( with stronger prescriptions this can make a big difference).

We Recommend that you ask your optician for your (PD) when having your eye tested and provide us with that measurement when placing your order, the optician may add an extra charge for this service. If, however, you do not have this measurement, we will fill the order using an average Pupillary Distance of 64mm for a man and 62 for a woman. To find your pupilary distance (P.D.) take an ordinary ruler and rest it on the top of your nose and measure the distance, in millimetres, between the centres of your two pupils (black spots in the centre of your eye). It may be easier to ask a friend or family member to help. See photo.