Obtain a copy of your prescription from a qualified registered optician. You will need is a copy of your current prescription valid within the last two years. By law every optician is required to give you a copy of your prescription when you go for your eye test.

Prescriptions follow a standard format which will look something like this, they can be written or printed




Every prescription will have a right and left section for the correction of your vision within the following boxes:

“SPH” (sphere) The correction for long or short sightedness
“CYL” (cylindrical). The correction for an Astigmatism
“AXIS” This is what the cyl has to be set at
DISTANCE Can be either + or –
NEAR Will always HAVE A + VALUE
SPH (sphere) will have a + or – power in 0.25 steps. EG, -0.25, -0.50, or +0.25, +0.50 etc.
CYL (cylinderl) may have a + or – power in 0.25 steps. EG, -0.25, -0.50, or +0.25, +0.50 etc.
Axis a value from 0 to 180, however, only when there is a CYL value.

Should you need reading glasses an add or addition will be included on your prescription. We will convert this information into your corrective reading prescription. This add will always be a “+” value and we will add this value to your distance prescription to provide your reading glasses.


The above prescription looks like this when entered correctly on to our web site.



The PD section above (use PD Help) is the distance between your pupils in millimeters. At the moment an optician is also not required to give you this as part of your eye test, however, there may be a small charge for this service we recommend you have your PD measured by the optician If you do not supply a PD, an average PD based on your order information such as the size of frame, your gender and age will be used. If you would like to measure your own PD get a friend to help you, focus on a fixed point in the distance whilst your friend measures the distance between the centre of one pupil to the centre of the other in millimeters. (use PD Help)


Choosing your glasses frames

Once you have a copy of your prescription just decide which one of our glasses frames you require. On the left hand side of the page our frames are arranged in categories (designer glasses, rimless glasses etc.) Simply click on the required category and you will be shown a list of frames in that category with a small picture brief details and price, click on customise and buy and you will then be given a page dedicated to that frame where you can enlarge the picture and select various lens options (thin lenses, transitions, etc.) to customize your order. Check our lens guide using the link lens-types.asp