Below are some Frequently Asked Questions we get asked at

What is a reglaze?

This is when new lenses are put into your new or existing frames.

What do I need to place an order with

To order lenses with you must have a valid signed prescription, less than 2 years old. You must be over the age of 17 and not registered blind or partially sighted. We will also need a ‘p.d’ (papillary distance) or ‘o.c’ (optical centres) measurement, you can get this from your Optician, however, you may be charged for this service.

How do I get my prescription?

When you have your eyes tested by an Optician you must be given a copy of your new spectacle prescription. You can always request a copy later but they may charge you for it.

How long is my prescription valid for?

Your prescription is usually valid for 2 years unless otherwise stated by your optician.

What is distance, inter and near?

This may appear on your prescription and refers to the type of glasses needed. Distance for driving, television etc, intermediate for computer use, near for reading, writing etc.

What is my p.d or o.c and how can I get it?

Pupillary distance or optical centre is an essential measurement. It is the distance from the centre of one pupil to the
centre of the other pupil measured in mm. The p.d or o.c has to be measured during a sight test, but is not routinely written on a prescription, you can ask for this from your Optician. If you experience difficulty in obtaining this measurement we can take it, if necessary, from an existing pair of your glasses. Click pdhelp for further information.

I can’t understand the writing on my prescription?

If you have difficulty understanding your prescription sends us the original copy and we can contact the optician on your behalf.

Why are your prices so low?

As we are a UK, internet only based company our overheads are significantly lower than high street Opticians (Boots, D&A, Specsavers etc) This allows us to provide you with much cheaper lenses and frames , in some cases this will be as little as a 1/4 of their price, without compromising on quality.

Are your lenses the same as those supplied by my Opticians?

All our lenses and frames are supplied by a leading UK lens manufacturers, the lenses are made to the highest specification and all conform to British Standards and CE marked.

What is high index?

This refers to lenses that are made of more dense materials, this makes them thinner and lighter too. We have 3 levels of high index thin 1.6, super thin 1.67 and ultra thin lens 1.74. These lenses come with standard multi antireflection coating. Click Lens types for more information.

Do you do sunglass lenses or tinting?

Yes we can tint at an additional charge.

What if my prescription is out of your range?

If your prescription falls outside our available lens ranges use the form on the ‘contact page’ to enter the relevant details and we will contact you with possible alternatives. Using our prescription lab we can have lenses specially made allowing us to process and reglaze most prescriptions however large or small.

Do you reglaze rimless spectacles?

Yes we reglaze rimless and semi-rimless specs.

Which type of lenses do you offer?

All our lenses are supplied by leading UK lens manufacturers, the lenses are made to the highest specification and all conform to British Standard BS2738-3 2004. All our lenses are made from plastic materials. Standard plastic, thin, super thin, ultra thin and reactions. We can also supply all types of bifocal/varifocal and other specialist lenses, for more information please click Lens types.

What type of lens coatings do you offer?

Anti-scratch (HC), Anti-reflection (MAR), and Ultra Violet (UV).

How soon will I receive my order?

We will process the order the same day we receive it and, providing the lenses and frames are stock items, we will try to dispatch the same day. All our jobs are posted by recorded mail.

What happens if I enter the prescription incorrectly?

All lenses ordered on the website will be checked against the prescription sent to confirm the correct lenses are put into the frames. If a mistake has been made we will reorder at a small cost to you.

What is your returns policy?

The 30 day guarantee period begins from date of order of goods. The guarantee covers goods that have a manufacturing fault only. If this is the case, please return your glasses to and we will replace the items free of charge.
If you wish to return your items for a refund, correction or replacement return the items in good order, and we will take the appropriate action. See terms and conditions.

What are the postage and packing costs?

Postage is standard at £2.65 recorded mail.

What is the Express service?

This is a next day postage service that we provide. It is at a surcharge of £6.00.

Do you accept NHS vouchers?

At present we do not accept NHS vouchers. We are in the process of NHS registration, as soon as we are able we will offer this service.

How can I pay?

At present all our payments are accepted through secure PayPal. We will in future have the facility to accept all major credit/debit cards. Should you wish to pay by cheque we will not process the order until the cheque has cleared.

Are my credit card details safe?

All credit card details are processed through PayPal. See PayPal terms and conditions.

Can I order by phone?

We have staff available to process orders manually for you, please call 02921 252888for assistance.

Can I place an order if I live outside the UK?

Yes. There will be a further charge for sending outside the UK.

Do you do contact lenses?

We do not supply contact lenses.

Can you do varifocal and bifocal lenses?

We can replace varifocal and bifocal lenses. Due to the accuracy needed to put these lenses into frames we will only supply these if we can match the positions on existing frames or you have been measured for fitting by a qualified optician, please call for more details.

Can I speed up the delivery process in any way?

We recommend using our express delivery, this is Royal Mail next day guaranteed service and will charged according to their tariffs.